I don't want to just sell you a house, I want to help you find your home

the intown agent is your advocate.
christina sees everything about the real estate experience from the client’s perspective. her intent is to find the right house, in the
right location, for the right amount of money. she’ll use her exceptional relationships and reputation with listing agents along with her
knowledge of current market conditions to negotiate the best deal possible for you. christina is always focused on generating deals
that are realistic and fair-minded, but her loyalty is to you, her buyer client.

the intown agent is your guide.
she is an expert on the intown atlanta, buckhead and city of decatur markets. she knows the neighborhoods, the schools, and the
local dives. she knows the plumbers, the carpenters, the handymen. she knows the best grocery, the dry cleaners, and tattoo
artists…and where to find the post office, the public library, the back way into the park, and when your new neighborhood is throwing
it’s next festival.

the intown agent is your advisor.
in this constantly changing market, christina knows her stats and her inventory. you’ll have common-sense guidance to help you find
your neighborhood. and because christina is exceptionally well-versed in home construction, she’ll be sure you don’t settle for an
inferior product at an inflated price.

christina rumbaugh doesn’t want to just sell you a house: she wants to help you find your home.

contact christina today

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